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Why You’ll Never Be As Stylish As The Spice Girls

Why You’ll Never Be As Stylish As The Spice Girls
Lily Shepherd
Editor8 years ago
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Today marks a very important milestone for nineties girls everywhere: it’s the 20th anniversary of the release of ‘Wannabe’, the Spice Girls’ debut single. Feeling old yet?

If you were hit by girl power fever way back when, you’ll have undoubtedly decided which Spice Girl was your favourite, and which one you’d most like to be. (Want to know which band member the MyBag team would be? Keep reading). However, as much as we try, it’s sad but true – we’ll never be quite as stylish as our favourite girl group of all time.

So here’s the story, from A to Z: the definitive reasons why the Spice Girls are the most stylish popstars of all time…


You’ll never rock brown lipstick as well as Geri.


Move over Kylie Jenner and her matte nude pout – Geri Halliwell is unapologetically the queen of the frosted chocolate lip.


Or stripes in your fringe, for that matter.


Is it red? Is it blonde? We don’t know, but we like it.

"Steal Ginger Spice's style with reds and pinks this season - the brighter and bolder, the better."

Your squad goals are nothing in comparison to theirs.

Squad Goals


You could never pull off Emma Bunton’s blue gloves.

Blue Gloves

She’s wearing these in the desert, we might add.


"Chanelling Baby Spice? Keep things cute with sugary pastels."


The thought of wearing a rhinestone catsuit fills us with fear…


…but not Mel B.


We wish we looked this good in tracksuit bottoms.


Mel C was seriously ahead of the game with her sports-luxe trend.


"Mel B is all about being fierce and fiesty, so channel this through your accessories."


Ever worn acid green tartan?


Didn’t think so.


"Sporty Spice is the epitome of sports-luxe - so keep things casual with an opulent edge."


You’ll never wear anything as fabulously as Geri wore that Union Jack dress.


One word: iconic.


And finally: you’ll never be as into ‘Girl Power’ as they are.

Girl Power


"For Posh Spice, it's all about elegance. Keep styles classic and colours muted."


We asked the MyBag team – if they could be a Spice Girl, which would they be?

The majority voted for Baby Spice, with Posh coming a close second. Viva forever!

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