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The Starter Guide To Crystal Healing | Which Crystals Do What?

Sarah Atkinson
Writer and expert4 years ago
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It’s easy to chalk self-care up to a weekly facemask and a cheer-me-up takeaway, but the subject is so vast, borrowing from ancient medicine and healing techniques. One of the most intriguing, and obviously aesthetic, forms for self-care is crystal healing, and the use of crystals in mindfulness. Yes, they look cute in your room and make for a great Instagram prop, but for the believers, crystals can have huge healing properties, helping soothe feelings of anxiety, tackle insomnia, encourage balance and bravery, and even physical benefits like helping cramps and detoxing your skin. It’s quite literally a treasure trove of a subject, so to help you get started, here’s our beginners guide to crystal healing, including how to use crystals, which crystals do what and the history of the whole subject. 

#1 How Crystals heal 

Like all other home remedies, crystals have a long history as a form of all-natural, alternative medicine. Dating back to ancient times, finding their origins in Hinduism and Buddhism, crystals are believed to have different healing properties dependant on their type and formation. Made when magma cools, crystals are pieces of the earth so many people believe they have healing qualities similar to using different essential oils or plants. These different qualities come from their different formations, with each crystal able to target different problems and help with different worries.  

In general, it’s believed that crystal healing can regulate your energy, removing negative energy by promoting good energy flow and boosting an overall sense of calm. Their power mostly lies in trust. If you want them to, crystals can become an integral part of your self-care routine as the practice demands a moment of mindfulness and private reflection. Whether you believe in their healing power or not, crystals can simply be used as a symbol of dedication to your own wellbeing and a physical reminder to do your self-care, whether that be meditation or journaling or skincare. 

crystal healing


#2 How to use crystals  

How you use crystals is totally personal choice. The most important thing is that it feels natural and comforting. Here are some suggestions: 

  • Hold your chosen crystals while you meditate. 
  • Place them at the head of your yoga mat during your morning or night-time practice. 
  • Carry one throughout the day. Choose the crystal that best suits your needs for the day, then simply pop it in your pocket to accompany you. 
  • Wear your favourite crystal as a necklace, keeping it close to your heart. 
  • Place them under your pillow while you sleep. 
  • Adopt them into your skincare routine via a facial roller or as a cooling stone to massage your face with. 
  • Create a little shrine or alter in your room with your crystals, maybe your journal and some incense, or anything else that makes you feel comforted and empowered.

#3 How to care for crystals 

As soon as you get your crystals you should make sure to clean them. This is all about cleansing their energy after sitting in a shop for however long and neutralising them ready for use. Wash them under cold water and then leave them out by your window to dry. You want to let some morning light and some night time moonshine to flow through them. 

#4 Which crystals do what? 

Deciding on the right crystals for you is deeply personal, and all depends on what you need to bring into your life or get rid of, so take some time to consider that. To give you a good starting point, here’s a quick guide to some of the most popular choices for crystal healing.

The best crystal for self-love: Rose Quartz  

rose quartz crystal

As expected by its pink hue, Rose Quartz is considered the love stone, as explained by Sarah from Handle With Care. It’s said to help boost the loving energy in all corners of your life from your romantic relationships, friendships, but most importantly; your relationship with yourself. Its properties help open you up to love entering your life and restore the trust and harmony in your life, so when adopted into a self-care routine all this loving energy turns inwards into self-acceptance. Calming and soothing, this rose quartz also helps boost your body’s circulation, so we love using this one in our skincare as a massage stone or face roller. 

The best crystal for anxiety & sleep: Amethyst  

amethyst crystal


If you need some calm in your life, reach for some amethyst. Amethyst is a fan favourite crystal as not only is it beautiful, but it is a really effective choice to tackle a lot of things. If your head constantly feels hectic, leaving you feeling anxious or unable to sleep or simply just overwhelmed, amethyst is known for promoting calm by helping your nervous system. Tackling feelings of anger or panic and encouraging stillness, this is a good one to keep close during meditation or sleep. Amethyst is also protective against bad habits, so add this to your collection if you’re trying to quit something or to keep you from texting your ex. 

The best crystal for bravery & optimism: Tiger’s Eye 

tiger's eye crystal


Looking to bring your best self to the day? Put a tiger’s eye crystal into your pocket. Just like the song, tiger’s eye is all about self-belief and motivation. It helps push aside feelings like fear and self-doubt that are holding you back, leaving room for better willpower, clarity and confidence. Perfect for job interviews or exams, tiger’s eye helps you thrive outside of your comfort zone and is even said to bring prosperity with money. 

The best crystal for protection: Obsidian 

black obsidian crystal


While other crystals work internally, bringing you good vibes and boosting positive energy, obsidian works externally, protecting you from the vibes of others. Standing guard of your feelings, obsidian is a great one to keep close if you’re entering a scary situation or just want to keep your mood intact when a lot of things feel out of your control, making it a good one to keep in your purse day-to-day. It’s also a great crystal for relieving tension, helping you rid of any emotional or mental blockages, as well as helping with cramps! A lot of people swear by obsidian for helping soothe time-of-the-month cramping or for massaging away any headaches. Try putting an obsidian crystal in your bath for extra soothing. 

The best crystal for new starts: Moonstone 

moonstone crystal


If you’ve got big life changes coming up, or just need a bit of extra nurturing, reach for some moonstone. A mothering, loving stone, Moonstone is the best crystal for soothing feelings of uncertainty or stress by bringing you a big dose of emotional stability and support. Moonstone is said to enhance your intuition, giving you the self-assurance and clarity than you need to take a step into your new start, or tackle a new day with good vibes. Like rose quartz, this is a really good all-round gentle, soothing stone that’s a good one to hold during meditation, leaving you feeling supported and centred 

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Written by Lucy Harbron

Sarah Atkinson
Writer and expert
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