How to Feel Confident in a Bikini

The phrase ‘bikini season’ has been known to strike fear into the hearts of even the most body-confident fashionistas. Rocking a bikini on the beach may be a breeze for some, but it’s okay to feel a little shy on the sands – with two-pieces decreasing in size and beach-body scrutiny increasing, it’s no wonder we’re feeling a bit trepidatious about breaking out our triangle tops.

If you’re apprehensive about flaunting your bod in the sunshine this summer, don’t panic – we’re here to help with some of our confidence-boosting tips and tricks…

Choose Wisely

Here at MyBag, we’re all for rocking the current trends. However, when it comes to swimwear, what’s in fashion isn’t necessarily going to look great on everybody: you wouldn’t catch a bootylicious babe like Beyoncé sporting the same style as athletic Jennifer Aniston.

When choosing a bikini, make sure you’re picking the right style for your body shape – we’ve got the definitive guide to this here. Whether you’re apple, pear or inverted-triangle shaped, there’s the perfect bikini for you at MyBag – you just need to discover it!

Instagram Inspo

Still feeling a bit stuck for swimwear inspiration? It’s time to hit social media. There’s literally millions of posts to check out with the hashtags ‘swimwear’, ‘bikini’, ‘beach’ and ‘holiday’ – time to get double-tapping so you can go back through them later. Make sure to check out Pinterest too – why not create bikini-based boards so you can really pick out styles you like?



Poolside Prep

Think you’ve got to sweat for hours in the gym to get ‘bikini ready’? Think again. Whilst we think you’re gorgeous just the way you are, we know that walking around swimwear can be a tad daunting – so make sure you’re prepped to perfection before heading poolside.

An all-over glow is the perfect way to tone your figure in minutes; use a good fake tan the night before to cheat your way to sun-kissed skin. If you’re feeling particularly artistic, try some strategic bronzing to contour your arms, legs and clavicle (we don’t recommend going swimming after this, though)…

Get Real

Listen up, girls. We know you’ve spent hours analysing your look in the hotel room before hitting the loungers, and it can feel as if all eyes are on you 24/7; but the majority of people around you? Well, they just don’t care how you look.

Sounds cheeky, but it’s true. When you’re sunning yourself, are you surreptitiously checking out everyone else beside you and picking up on all their flaws? Almost certainly not – so it’s time to realise no-one is doing it to you. It’s time to get real and realise that you’re the ultimate beach babe – we say rock that bikini all summer long!




All About Accessories

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe once said “I see bold accessories as a woman’s armour” – and if you’re not feeling 100% ready for the beach, it’s time to prepare for battle. We’re talking statement jewellery and luxurious beach-bags to draw the eye away from problem areas, beautifully bright kimonos for tactical layering and skyscraper wedge heels to give you supermodel-like proportions – the brighter and bolder, the better.

We’ve got everything you could need for a glamorous week in the sunshine over at our Holiday Shop, including designer sunglasses, luxury swimwear and a host of beautiful handbags and travel accessories.

Lily Shepherd

Lily Shepherd


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