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We Rank The Outfits in Love Actually With Brutal Honesty

We Rank The Outfits in Love Actually With Brutal Honesty
Lily Shepherd
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Love Actually is, without a doubt, one of the best Christmas films around. It ticks all the boxes a festive movie should: heart-warming storylines, gentle humour, and a healthy dose of famous faces to coerce us into feeling merry.

However, given this two hour tearjerker was released waaaay back in 2003, it’s safe to say that we’re raising our eyebrows at some of the dodgy outfit choices worn throughout the casts’ shenanigans. We take a look at the fashion highs, lows and frequent polo-neck sweaters of Love Actually, to give a definitive ranking from worst to best…


9. The “Selfless Sister” Polo-Neck

Love Actually Polo Neck 3

There’s being selfless, and then there’s subjecting yourself to sludge-brown thick-knit monstrosities like this. No, Sarah. No.


8. Juliet’s Baker-Boy Hat

Love Actually Juliet

Made entirely of denim, too: frankly, we’re struggling to fathom how Juliet was the object of everyone’s affection with these catastrophic accessories.


7. The White Beret

Love Actually Beret

Martine McCutcheon very nearly escaped filming without having to wear a ridiculous hat – and then, at the very last second, the white beret appears.


6. Mia’s Sweater Vest

Love Actually Mia

Because nothing says office productivity like layered knitwear, right?


5. The “I’m A Terrible Person” Polo-Neck

Love Actually Polo Neck 2

So Colin Firth’s girlfriend may have just broken his heart here, but we’re definitely digging her oversized, open-weave sweater. (The polo-neck budget on this film set must have been HUGE.)


4. Hugh Grant’s Relaxed Office Attire

Love actually hugh grant

We wish we could dance like Hugh Grant; we wish we could rock an open-necked shirt like Hugh Grant. Can we just BE Hugh Grant?


3. The Ostrich-Feather-Trimmed Wedding Dress

Love Actually Wedding Dress

Feathers? Check. Tulle? Check. Mesh overlay? Check. We kind of love it, but kind of hate it at the same time.


2. The “Seductress” Polo-Neck

Love Actually Polo Neck

She may be a she-devil, but Mia’s black fitted polo-neck is giving us all sorts of style envy.


1. The Octopus Costume




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