We Couldn’t Help But Wonder…How to Get Sex and the City Style

The Sex and the City series may have finished many years ago in 2004, but it’s still as culturally relevant today as it was back then. Advocating the purchase of fashion magazines rather than food (‘it fed me more’, Bradshaw noted of Vogue), Sex and the City allowed us all to live vicariously through the lives of four fabulous Manhattanites – and their wardrobes.

Tongue-in-cheek Instagram account @EveryOutfitOnSATC has hit the limelight recently, as they cast a critical eye over the style successes (and slip ups) of the series. Whilst Carrie and co’s outfits were admittedly outrageous – how many pairs of knee socks can one woman own? – we’re still a little in love with Bradshaw’s bulging wardrobe, and secretly wish it was our own…

If you’ve been Carrie-d away by the glitz and glamour of Sex and the City, it’s time to inject some of their New York flair into your everyday style. We take a look back at some of the most iconic trends of the series, and show you how to get the look with a little help from MyBag.


The Tutu

Sex and the City Tutu

Image: Bustle

No SATC style guide would be complete without the inclusion of the tutu. Featured in the opening credits, Carrie’s tutu-twirl is one of the most iconic fashion moments ever – yet it’s far from designer. Found in a $5 bargain bucket, Patricia Field had a tough time convincing show’s producer Darren Star that it was a must-have – luckily, her style steal paid off…

“Channel the pastel colour palette of Carrie’s tutu-and-tee ensemble with a blush-pink tote – think sugary candyfloss hues for summertime chic.”

The White Dress

Sex and the City White Dress

Image: Harpers Bazaar

For a woman who once admitted she’d never be able to ‘wear white and not spill on it’, Carrie Bradshaw certainly rocked a lot of all-white ensembles over the ten series run. The white kaftan-style dress she wears in the opening credits of the eponymous movie is giving us all sorts of style envy – as are those seriously luxe sunglasses.

“Scared of spilling, too? Choose white accessories instead of clothes – and don’t forget a pair of gold statement sunglasses, à la Bradshaw.”

The Embellished Crown

Sex and the City Black Crown

Image: Bustle

Much like Marmite, the embellished black crown Carrie wears for the Blatch-Marantino nuptials divided the fashion pack into two camps: love or loathe. We fall into the former – with lace, studs, sparkle and a dash of the dramatics, we’re a smidgen obsessed with this vamp accessory…

“If statement head-gear isn’t your thing, pay homage to Carrie’s look with embellished and studded leather pieces instead.”

The Peacock Headdress

Sex and the City Wedding Peacock Crown

Image: About Wedding

Who can forget the gut-wrenching cry of ‘I put a bird on my head’, after Carrie beat her beau with a bouquet? The collapse of Carrie and Big’s wedding broke our hearts – mainly because that fabulous peacock headdress never got the admiration it deserved.

“An oversized peacock feather is maybe not the easiest look to pull off, so play with jewel-toned accessories instead.”

The Purple Dress

Sex and the city purple dress

Image: Look

The perfect colour for summer, Carrie’s purple Halston Heritage pleated mini was one of our favourite looks: flowy and fresh, this vibrant violet number inspired us to add more colourful pieces to our wardrobes.

“Purple accessories are always current – whether you choose a lilac, berry or violet tone, you can’t go wrong.”

For more cutting-edge pieces Ms. Bradshaw would be proud of, take a peek at MyBag’s New In Edit here.

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