Designer Interview | Maria Francesca Pepe

We sat down with jewellery designer Maria Francesca Pepe to find out about her new Autumn/Winter ’15 collection, her creative process and what’s to come next.


Tell us about Maria Francesca Pepe.

It’s my name and my brand. The two go together. I love what I do and I am surrounded by an amazing team of professionals who share my passion and my beliefs. It is challenging at times having your own business, but I believe in this journey. I am very excited to also be working on prestigious consulting where I can experiment different skills and sides of my creativity.

What was the inspiration behind the AW15 collection?

My imagination this particular time was driven by the sense of escape and alter-worlds experienced while playing video-games or watching sci-fi movies. I watched so many last year and got obsessed with the idea of creating jewellery for a space-punk queen. It is a very cyber-pop collection.

Does it differ from past seasons?

For this collection I have plated the gold in deep purple, fuchsia, black and topaz, using the most iconic MFP classic shapes. The result is a controversial but strong mix between the high luxury quality of the finishing, the sharpness and cleanness of the shapes, and the post-punk controversial aesthetic of the colours. There is another part of the range which features oversized pearls which I wanted to look like planets in space. It’s very celestial and chic, but with a strong impact too. It’s all about contrasts. It’s like an alien took the most signature MFP pieces in his hands, brought them on an inter-galaxy trip, and then returned.

Do you have a favourite piece from the new collection?

The oversized satellite earrings with pearls. I love to wear big earrings, they make me feel sexy.

Describe your creative process.

I usually start from a feeling. What I feel is ‘cool’ now, what I feel is ‘right’ now. I follow the development of sub-cultural movements, I look at the music videos, at the contemporary art scene, and most of all I observe the people around me.

I need to feel involved sentimentally when I design. Then I can evaluate all the sales and trends reports I am given from my team, and make sense out of them without limiting my creativity. I think that’s the key to my design. It is always fresh and up to date.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Many to date. Besides the awards (Vogue, New Gen..) and top celebrities wearing my creations, I believe the biggest emotion has been the very first time I sold a piece, as well as the first time I saw someone in the street wearing my jewels.

What can we expect to see next from MFP?

In the next weeks we will unveil the SS16 collection. It’s about feeling empowered. The space queen has become a Goddess. More jewels, more fun, more magic, and more love!

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Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

Writer and expert