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For the past few years you’ve definitely seen #MyCalvins popping up all over every social media feed and billboard within reach. From the beginning it was destined to trend, with models such as Malaika Firth and Lara Stone and fashion bloggers Chiara Ferragni and Leandra Medine. As word of mouth caught fire, influencers blew up, with artists from Solange Knowles to Zara Larsson, model Ashley Dane Clark and the newly immersed Kardashian’s keeping the label’s classic logo bralettes and briefs on everyone’s lips.

“You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.”

The tagline ‘my Calvins’ harks back to the iconic Brooke Shields ad in 1980 when the then-15-year-old delivered this infamous line. This nostalgia is repeated throughout time, reviving the campaign. Rather than reinventing the wheel, Calvin Klein promotes the simple, classic underwear with that ubiquitous logo-printed band it is known for, and has been since it hit the market in the ’80’s.


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Now with the newly adapted hashtag #MyFamily launched in collaboration with the world’s most iconic family, the brand continues its vintage brand presence through denim and drawers, and alongside the overarching trends of androgyny in fashion comes the adapted view of what defines sexualised underwear alongside the lighthearted idea of comfort in being a family.

Where once underwear in fashion and the media was something quite different, Calvin Klein coined the idea that being comfortable in your own skin comes too with what first layer you choose to dress it in (ironic as it may be to use Kim Kardashian to front this), so we continue to watch in awe as the brand adapts the societal view of comfort, beauty and acceptance world-over.

So, why not celebrate what it does best? Calvin Klein’s underwear designs are iconic, with a superior fit and quality like no other, something that has truly stood the test of time, and as we salute their 20th year we continue to support the cause, whatever it may be.

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By Alexandra Neilson-Clark

Alex Neilson-Clark

Alex Neilson-Clark

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