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15 Signs You’re Obsessed with Social Media

15 Signs You’re Obsessed with Social Media
Lily Shepherd
Editor8 years ago
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It’s safe to say that social media is one of the most influential and well-established media platforms ever. It’s estimated that nearly 3 billion people actively use social media networks and websites, with these numbers only increasing on an annual basis – there have been over 200 million more users in 2016 than in 2015*. That's 200 million more dog-face-filter Snapchats, and 200 million more #selfie Instagram posts…

If you’re one of those people who are permanently attached to their phone, you may have a not-so-healthy obsession with social media – how many of these can you identify with?


1. You’ve got your ‘refresh cycle’ down to a T.


Refresh Facebook. Refresh Snapchat. Refresh Instagram. Repeat.

2. Bedtime is not bedtime: it’s scrolling time.

Twitter: @gpapplardo


Your eyes may be drooping, but you likes are booming.


3. “But is it Instagrammable?”


The likelihood of you buying something is dramatically increased if you can Instagram it. Just think how great it’ll look in a flatlay…


4. Dinner is never a quick affair.


Have you ever tried making scrambled eggs on toast look pretty? It takes time.

5. You know your Snapchat-friendly angles….


“I have to stand on this side. Move.”

6. …and you have a favourite filter.



7. Copper. Pineapples. Cacti. Marble. Aloe Vera. Avocados.


If your palms got sweaty at the thought of these, you’re in too deep.


8. You get a sense of accomplishment when your photo gets over 11 likes…

Twitter: @chrismelberger 

9. …and will resolutely delete it if it doesn’t.



10. You have a social strategy…for your holiday snaps.


Beach shot + ice cream against a wall + hot dogs or legs = great Instagram feed.

11. Not being able to block people in real life is a huge disappointment.



12. As is not being able to click on a stranger’s handbag to see where they got it.


Probably from MyBag. #justsaying


13. If you don’t get happy birthday wishes on Facebook, is it even your birthday?



14. When there’s no signal, you go into panic mode…



15. …but then realise that actually…

Twitter: @kissingnialh



Not got your social media fix today? Have a look at MyBag on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

*Information taken from Global Social Media Research Summary, 2016.

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