You Reveal The Worst Gifts You’ve Ever Been Given (And They’re Pretty Awful)

Gift-giving has to be – bar copious amounts of pigs in blankets and festive TV spinoffs – the best part about Christmas. Whether you’ve bought someone the perfect present, or you’re on the receiving end of something seriously special, A GREAT GIFT can really make someone’s day…

So what happens when you open something and it’s not at all what you were expecting? We asked you – yes, YOU! – to tell us all about some of the worst gifts you’ve ever received, and the answers were pretty awful. Seriously, guys – we sympathise.

Take a look at some of the worst gifts you’ve ever been given below. Brace yourselves…

“I once received a candle that had already been lit, and an encyclopedia as a joint present with my sister. Oh, and clothes that were too small – to ‘give me something to aim for’.” Rebecca


Worst Gift 2

Ouch – not cool. Accessories can NEVER be too small (and aren’t for sharing!),  so gift yourself one of these instead:


“I received a bag of Christmas spiecd tea and a festive tea strainer. I was eight years old.” Karina


Worst Gift 3

Is there anything worse than a gift that’s way too boring? Never fear – we’ve got some quirky and kooky clutches that are perfect.

“I once received a diary – only the date was out by a year. Useless…” Alexandra


Worst Gift 5

Girl, that’s no good. We’ve got the perfect alternative – and they’re pretty stylish, too:

“I got a necklace made of pasta, coloured in silver paint. No jokes.” Camille


Worst Gift 7

Macaroni necklaces are so last season – instead, we’re loving delicate chains and minimalist designs, like these pieces here:

“One year, an ex and I agreed to do handmade presents. I drew a picture and he wrote me a song. He couldn’t sing. It was pretty terrible.” Matt


Worst Gift 4

Okay, that’s pretty bad – but at least the thought was there. As nice as homemade things are…you can’t really beat a designer bag, can you?

“My step-dad once gifted me with a brick. Seriously.” Hollie


Worst Gift 6

If you’re more cocktails than concrete mixers, we think something with a little sparkle would be much more up your street…


“My brother gave me an empty iPad box once – just to see my face.” Rebecca


Worst Gift 8

He won’t be laughing when you treat yourself to a somewhat more satisfying tech accessory – but maybe give him the empty box?


Avoid giving anyone a terrible gift this year – or treat yourself to feel better about your paltry presents – with a little help from MyBag. Check out our Christmas gift ideas here

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