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The Travellers Guide to Packing

Alex Neilson-Clark
Writer and expert6 years ago
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Packing doesn’t have to be a nightmare, and although it can be difficult to avoid the stress that comes with light packing and easy enough to resort to packing everything but the kitchen sink, we’re here to aid your packing dilemmas and bring you our top tips for ensuring you only pack the essentials for that long weekend or holiday on-the-go. Athough all you really need is yourself, it’s best to be prepared.

We have kept in mind a few different sizes of luggage as we do understand it fully depends on what kind of person you are as to exactly how lightly you can pack, however before you even approach the minefield of choosing which clothes to pack, we have our top traveller tips to keep in mind as you begin to plan your trip.

Main Luggage

Wherever you’re going, versatile, lightweight and well labelled luggage is just common sense. The most important decision you’ll make on this trip is to choose the right bag as lugging around an old bag with broken zips and dodgy wheels is nothing but annoying, especially if (god forbid) your travel is intercepted by any irritating obstacles, we all know it happens to the best of us! Whether you want your wheels to stay in-line with the rest of your look, or you need some lumbar support when you’re on the move, some points to consider:

  • Rolling Luggage

Everyone knows having wheels is nice, and most importantly its easy. There is literally no need to carry all your gear on your back or in a duffle bag if you know you’re travelling in a city and everywhere is nicely paved, the perfect terrain for wheels.

  • Duffel Bag

Simple, lightweight and durable, for the (actual) light packer this is definitely the easiest sling-over-the-shoulder-and-go option perfect for the capsule wardrobe lover.

  • Backpack

If you don’t want the extra weight of wheels or the stress of one handed carrying then a compact backpack is the best option. Take a leaf out of the Fjallraven book and pack in Tetris format and only prioritise essentials to ensure you get the most out of your trip from comfort to compatibility.

Stay Organised

Whether you’re someone who’s already planned an in depth itinerary to ensure you get the most out of your time away or are the more spontaneous type and love to make a plan as and when you see fit, it’s equally as important to remain organised to make the most of your time on the move and ensure you don’t lose anything. Keeping yourself organised with these necessary extras

  • Luggage tags, to ensure nothing gets lost.

  • A travel wallet, to collect important travel documents, cash, and cards.

  • An efficient washbag with handy compartments, to ensure all your mini’s sit comfortably side by side without spillage.

Stay Secure

A decent sized, multi-compartment bag is the ultimate companion when you’re on the move. For the easiest way to carry all your most necessary essentials and travel documents that takes you from airport to day trip to beach bar a decent belt bag, cross body or adjustable strap bag is the best way without question to ensure everything is intact and you remain at your most efficient.

By Alex Neilson-Clark

Alex Neilson-Clark
Writer and expert
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