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Well, the bucket bag is certainly one to add to your bucket list. Angular and sturdy while combining a fun, more sporty style their popularity has soared since we stepped back out on the town.

With a hard exterior, perfect for concealing all of the chaos inside, the capable bucket bag has become a go-to for adding a style-savvy edge to your outfit. Running through our favourite bucket bags from Coach, Chloé, KARL LAGERFELD and more here are the key styles to note…

The Everyday Bucket Bag

Strathberry bucket bag


These are the bucket bags that will get you through the day. Larger and sophisticated in style, they come with a comfortable and practical shoulder strap. Providing enough space to get all of your essentials in, they are a stylish alternative to an everyday bag.

The Contemporary Bucket Bag

Little liffner bucket bag


These are bucket bags that put their own twist on the original style. Whether they have moulded the shape into a more statement style or added unique detailing, they are a happy medium between a high style and practical bag. The perfect pick to take you from day occasion to evening date.

The Drawstring Bucket Bag

SeebyChloe Bucket bag


A popular detail that we love on our bucket bags is the trusty drawstring keeping all of our essentials hidden. Whether it is reshaping the bucket bags or sitting within the bag these super cute pouch like shapes are what set’s these bucket bags away from the rest. Coming in a large range of styles there is one for every mood.

The Evening Bucket Bag

Bucket Bag


These are the crème de la crème of the bucket bag world. Whether you prefer a subtle pouch style to compliment your evening dress or you want that branded statement bag to go as your plus one, these are the bucket bag styles that make the perfect evening number.


Written by Holly Thompson

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Holly Thompson

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