Shopping is my Cardio: 4 Ways to Get Fit in 2018 Without Hitting the Gym

Disclaimer: The author of this article knows absolutely nothing about fitness but EVERYTHING about shopping



Can I lose weight from shopping? Well, if walking a mile burns an average of 100 calories, you could work off more than 200 calories per shopping trip – that equals up to a massive 12,120 every year (we’re looking at around 5 trips a month here, what can we say, it’s for our health). A serious shop demands the same physical energy for a gym workout, without the dreaded step machine.


If you’re the kind of person that would prefer to do your shopping from behind a keyboard, never fear. Swap your desk, chair or sofa for a wellness ball and work your core whilst hunting down your SS18 wardrobe. Added bonus: You don’t even need to get dressed.



A good night’s sleep is vital for your 2018 fitness regime. An American study found that the number of calories burned was five percent higher for those getting a decent night’s sleep. Not only that, they also had more energy for the day ahead, and burned around 20% more calories after a meal than their sleep-deprived counterparts.



You might have recently seen a flurry of media surrounding baths and calorie burning. Per research, taking a hot bath can burn up to 140 calories an hour – that’s more than cycling!

Alternatively, soaking in a hot bath at least 2 hours before bed for 15-20 minutes at 102-104 degrees can help calorie burn during sleep. As your body cools, you’ll be ready for a deep relaxing sleep and that all-important weight loss!


Can I lose weight by taking a bath?

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Standing Desk

So, whilst it’s not officially proven that standing up contributes to weight loss, switching from sitting to standing throughout the day has various health benefits. A 2013 study showed that using a standing desk causes the heart to beat around ten beats faster per minute – this equals around 50 calories extra burnt per hour. As well as helping to burn calories, great periods of uninterrupted sedentary time is also associated with greater metabolic risks such as diabetes and heart disease.

Standing desks can also help with creativity.  Changing position regularly prevents discomfort and boredom thus improving concentration levels. During the 18th and 19th centuries, standing desks were pretty popular so if you fancy unleashing some of Da Vinci’s artistic flair, or Benjamin Franklin’s political prowess, try taking a stand.


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