January’s Not So Bad: 9 Reasons Why January Is The Best Month Ever (Ish)

Okay, so it’s not Christmas. And it’s not the height of summer. But here at MyBag, we think January gets a pretty bad rap – which is totally undeserved…

January is often slammed as the Monday of months – the dark, drizzly and destitute four weeks where we all mourn for the cheer of Christmas. However, we think that January is actually a pretty fabulous month – and here’s why…

January is the only month where DOING NOTHING is encouraged


Blame it on the lack of funds/2k17 diet/dry January – but secretly, you’re loving staying in and watching Netflix all day.


You’ll probably barely spend any money


No presents to buy, no festive nights out, barely any organised fun – you’re basically SAVING money.

You’ll feel extra virtuous and healthy – thanks to your ‘New Year, new me’ diet and exercise overhaul

January - 3

We’re talking shedding those Christmas pounds, clearer skin, and waaaay more energy.

It’s cold = fabulous fashion opportunities

Juanary - 4

Coats? Yes. Boots? OMG. Scarves and gloves? WE LOVE. Winter is definitely the most stylish season…

TV gets great again

January - 5

All those series you love? They’re back on. *Refers back to point 1*

It’s awards season

January -6

So our evenings are filled watching the Golden Globes, judging outfits, and scouring Twitter for drama.

Two words: JANUARY. SALES.

January - 7

That bag you’ve been lusting after all year? It just got reduced in the MyBag sale. You’re welcome.

It’s the ideal month to try something new

January - 8

Always thought you’d be great at fell running? Been tempted to take up crochet for a while? Watched Ed Balls do the samba on Strictly and thought, “I could do that”? Well, now’s your chance.

It’s officially a clean slate

The 7 Achievable New Year's Resolutions You'll Actually Keep


The 7 Achievable New Year's Resolutions You'll Actually Keep

Because running a marathon might be a bit ambitious.

2017-01-03 16:55:08By Lily Shepherd

January - 9

Who remembers things from last year? Not us. January is a clean slate – who knows what the year will hold…

Psst – that sale we were talking about? You can shop the full list here – if that doesn’t brighten your January, we don’t know what will!

Lily Shepherd

Lily Shepherd


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