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Back to School FOMO: Things We Miss About Our Schooldays

Back to School FOMO: Things We Miss About Our Schooldays
Lily Shepherd
Editor8 years ago
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Don’t get us wrong – we love being grown-up. Being able to eat pizza for breakfast whenever you like? Fab. Responsibility? Great (sometimes). However, with the schools back in session this week, we’ve got sudden nostalgia for the days of being a student – a serious case of fear of missing out…

We asked around the MyBag office to find out what everyone missed about school the most – find out what we’re FOMO-ing over below…

Back-to-school stationery

School Supplies

Possibly the best part of going back to school, we miss the days of dithering over ring binders and trying to convince our parents that scented gel-pens weren’t banned. Somehow, we don’t think we’d be taken seriously at work if we brought our Hello Kitty pencil case to meetings (boo), but luckily, with a little help from these Aspinal of London refillable journals, our note-taking game will undoubtedly be on point…


Customising our school uniform

School Uniform

The thrill of trying to get your customised school uniform past your parents and form tutor was the height of excitement back then – rolled up hemlines, illegal jewellery and non-school-regulation coats really got the adrenaline pumping. Thankfully, a bit of bling is no longer frowned upon, so treat yourself to one of these statement timepieces from Nixon…


Study breaks

Free Periods

We firmly believe that office environments should implement a study break policy: after all, it seems only fair. We spent the majority of our free periods eating toast and trying to get on Facebook using proxy sites, but nowadays would use it for much better things – like taking a peek at what’s new in on MyBag. These Lulu Guinness pieces are firmly on our wishlist…


Backpacks = Bae

School Backpack

Once we’d grown out of using Jane Norman carrier bags to lug our textbooks around, we were always on the lookout for a seriously stylish backpack that would be the envy of our friends. Whilst we’ve lost the ones from our schooldays, backpacks are 100% back in, so nab yourself a KARL LAGERFELD number before they sell out…


Being with your BFFs 24/7

School Friends

Okay, so we had to go to lessons, and wake up early – but it still meant spending all day with our BFFs. These days, a weekly phone call for a catch-up has to suffice; luckily, with these Ted Baker iPhone cases handy, we’re looking glam whilst we gossip…



Relive your schooldays with a little help from MyBag – we’re experts in classroom couture. Check out our Back to School edit here

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