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Hygge is Out, Lagom is In: The New Scandi Trend For 2017

Hygge is Out, Lagom is In: The New Scandi Trend For 2017
Lily Shepherd
Editor7 years ago
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Just as we manage to get our heads around hygge, it’s usurped by the Danish concept of lagom. Typical, right?

Remind me about hygge…

Lagom (1)

If you’ve managed to avoid the hygge hype that’s taken over the nation, you’re probably a little baffled by the Scandinavian principle. Pronounced hoo-gah and translating to ‘cosiness’ in English, hygge describes that snuggly feeling of contentment that we get from scented candles, knitted blankets and soft cashmere jumpers – what’s not to love?

However, it looks like hygge may actually be so last year: in 2017, it’s all about lagom. If you’re wondering what lagom actually is, how to pronounce it (psst: LAR-GOM), or how it’s different from hygge, you’re not alone – so we’ve got the answers…


So...what is lagom?

Lagom (2)

Whilst hygge is more of an indiscernible, undescribable feeling, lagom has a literal translation (yay!) of ‘not too little, not too much. Just right’:  it’s a philosophy all about creating a balance, and keeping a mentality of frugality and fairness. Think Goldilocks and the three bears…


How is lagom different to hygge?

Lagom (3)

The differences between hygge and lagom are simple: whilst hygge is a brief moment in time of utter happiness, lagom is a more of a lifestyle. Lagom is a concept that can be embraced 24/7, and will transform your life into one of steadiness and balance: hygge describes those fleeting moments of bliss that are indescribably wonderful.


Sounds great. How do I ‘be lagom’?

Lagom (4)

It’s as simple as the translation: do everything in moderation. Any lifestyle habit can be given a lagom makeover; big spender? Don’t spend too much, but don’t stop spending altogether. Need to relax? Have a break, but don’t give up totally. Want to achieve your working goals? Keep your nose to the grindstone, but learn to unwind, too. We’re liking this philosophy…

We think these accessories are just right – not too crazy, but not too conservative…

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