5 Reasons Every Woman Needs a Fashionable Backpack

5 Reasons Every Woman Needs a Fashionable Backpack

In this week’s guest post, blogger Jamie from Beauty Rocks talks us through the 5 reasons every woman needs a fashionable backpack – and more importantly, how she wore the Grafea x MyBag exclusive Hari backpack.

Backpacks – they carry the weight of the world on our shoulders and can save us from a shoulder ache (much better than heartache though am I right?). But when most people think of backpacks they think of something that you might carry up the side of a mountain and pack full of energy bars and maybe some extra clothing layers instead of one you might wear every day.

Well, I’m not talking about that kind of backpack today – I’m talking about a cool, fashionable kind of backpack that you can wear every day and for five very good reasons. Enter the latest (and very exclusive) Mybag X Grafea Women’s Hari Backpack in burgundy that looks uber cool with its pom‐pom charm and smooth nuback leather.


So why should you swap your handbag for a backpack? Well, here are five very good reasons…

Backpacks Got Your Back

Yes, backpacks indeed have your back – meaning they save you from that terrible droopy shoulder syndrome that happens over time when you carry your heavy handbag on one side of your body. Give that shoulder a break! You will feel so much better even after a week of using a backpack over a heavy handbag because they distribute weight across both of your shoulders. Your one overused shoulder will thank you for sharing the load ‐ meaning less trips to the masseuse and potentially £££ savings.

You Can Fit Your Life Inside

Backpacks have room ‐ meaning you can fit in a change of clothes, your make‐up essentials, wallet, gym wear, a book, your entire life – you get my drift. They also have so many compartments so you can keep things organised. I love the MyBag x Grafea bag for its two side pockets and the external front flap pocket – it means I can store my essentials (like my phone) but still have easy access.

Safety against Sticky Fingers

If you live in a big city there is always a chance of pickpockets lurking around. One of the most vulnerable places to be exposed to sticky fingers in your bag is on the Tube in London. Being crammed in with so many people you never quite know who might have their hand in your bag. I’ve been pickpocketed several times while travelling abroad so I always like to carry a backpack as it makes it a lot harder for people to get at your important things like passport, money, camera, phone, etc. With the MyBag x Grafea backpack you can also hide your valuables in a rear zip section where unwanted fingers cannot reach.

Backpacks are IN

Backpacks, just like flat whites, vegan skincare and faux fur are on a hot little upward trend at the moment and it’s all about the details when it comes to sporting a cool backpack. I am in LOVE with the MyBag x Grafea backpack – it was the fluffy pom‐pom accessory and luxe leather that got me. It is simply stunning and the burgundy colour cannot be beat for all those autumnal vibes.

Be A Mermaid

Why not be a mermaid in a sea of fish? If you want to look chic and stand out from the crowd then a fashionable and seasonal backpack will certainly set you apart. Make sure to look for luxe textures like leather (vegan or real) or suede/suedette and colours that you know will work with a wide variety of looks and outfits. Backpacks don’t have to be boring – in fact they can be anything but!

I hope you all enjoyed my guest post! If you want to read more from me make sure to visit my blog Beauty Rocks or follow me on Instagram @beautyrocksblog.

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

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