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5 Blogger Trends We’re Crushing On

5 Blogger Trends We’re Crushing On
Lily Shepherd
Editor8 years ago
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We’re going to let you into a little secret – we’re seriously obsessed with fashion blogging. If we’re not reading them, we’re stalking bloggers’ Instas for style inspo, or daydreaming about becoming a full time fashion blogger and owning a wardrobe full of cutting-edge couture. (We wish.)

We’ve got some legitimate style envy over certain blogger trends right now – take a peek below at the five blogger staples we’re lusting over, and learn how to style these up yourselves…

The Bomber Jacket

Elle - Bomber Jacket

Why is it when we wear a bomber jacket we look like Rizzo from Grease, yet all these bloggers look effortlessly sophisticated? No fair. Bomber jackets are one of the hottest trends of 2016, and are perfect for each season – styled for summer or winter, they’re the ideal transitional piece.

Style it for the blog with…

The Horse-Bit Loafers

Elle - Gucci Loafers

Hallelujah for the rise of the flat shoe this season – we’re far too wimpy to rock skyscraper heels all day long! The horse-bit loafer comes in two styles - those which are Gucci, and those which look like Gucci - but either way, they’re quickly becoming our favourite everyday shoe.

Style it for the blog with…


The Wide Sleeves

Elle - Oversized Sleeves

We may have labelled this trend as horribly impractical, but it doesn’t mean we’re not coveting the melee of trumpet-sleeved blouses hitting the high street of late. So what if we look like a magician – we’ll take one in every colour, please.

Style it for the blog with…

The Culottes

Elle - Culottes

Our favourite compromise for the trousers-or-skirt dilemma, culottes are so fashionable it’s almost painful. Bloggers love them, and so do we – for work, play, or just lounging around the house. Fashionably, of course…

Style it for the blog with…


The Mules

Elle - Mules

Another Scandi-inspired choice, mules are SO HOT RIGHT NOW. If you can’t walk in them, tough – it’s time to man up and add some Copenhagen flair to your look.

Style it for the blog with…

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