Julie Dean, OBE | Founder of The Cambridge Satchel Company

What a wonderful way to end 2014 for Julie Deane! The New Year’s honours list was announced last night and we were ecstatic to see that Julie Deane, founder of The Cambridge Satchel Company, had made the cut and has been awarded with an OBE.

Julie Deane Cambridge Satchel Company

Beginning The Cambridge Satchel Company at her kitchen table with just £600 with the help of her Mother Freda Thomas, Julie Deane now employs over 100 people, has stockists in over 120 countries and has two shops. Started as a way to raise money to pay her daughter’s school fees, the success of The Cambridge Satchel Company has exceeded all expectations.

The truly inspirational story of how hard work and dedication can change your life as well as the people around you, Julie Deane is our inspiration for 2015!

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Clare Potts

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