Fluff: The Trend You Need This Season

Dubbed the “touch me, feel me…” trend including trims using everything from fur to feathers, SS18 brings our fun loving, child at heart personality out to play with fluffy accessories. We know, that you know, that we know, that you know (cue the infamous friends reference) that fluffy accessories are here to play a multitude of roles in your overall happiness as a person, here’s a few:

It feels nice

Whether that means your friends rushing to have a feel of your adorable fluffy bag (trust us, they will), or whether you get a bunch of over excited compliments (trust us, you will), a fluffy bag is going to bring a smile to your face as all eyes are on your adorable choice of accessory. (It’s also a great stress reliever).

It looks nice

Whether you’re a bold and expressive dresser or are slightly more muted in your style, there is always a place for fluff. Now although this sounds like a bold statement, we truly believe that due to their touchable loveliness, colourful summery-ness and overall stylish-ness that these accessories go with anything! So whether you’re an “all-black all the time” or a “multiple prints all at once” type, adding a fluffy accessory is never a negative.

It’s fun

It’s true if you saw someone walking down the street with a fluffy hat on (cue the return of the Kangol bucket hat) you’d think, “how fun!”. Why not be that person? (but ditch the hat and go for something more SS18 chic, if you’re asking us).

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Rumour has it the fluff trend is born from the recent uprising of ASMR videos (don’t worry we’ve got this: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). Unsure? Think those close-up’s of hands kneading slime, squeezing a stress ball or make-up being crushed, smeared and spread. The inherently relaxing response to these has caused them to go viral, trickling through the power of online trends in to designers collections world-over. From fluffy marabou trims at Marques Almeida and Roksanda to feathered flurries at Margiela and fringes galore from Jacquemeus. With a whole lot of textures and trims shimmying down the runway for SS18, we’ve collated a few of the more practical (and affordable) pieces for all you first-time fluffers here at MyBag.

Charlotte Simone

From phone cases for a subtle splash of sass to the Lil Pop bag for an elegant and efficient way to carry your goods, we are beyond excited to have the millennial fluff icon on board for SS18.


Most specifically the UK exclusive SS18 capsule collection which features a fluffy handled, velour bodied Metropolis to die for. To start your love of fluff of slowly but surely adopt the ultimate accent to any look, whether it’s on your keys or bag the Furla Bubble Pom Pom Keyring comes in a shade for every personality.


An ever-adorable MyBag favourite we cannot forget Grafea‘s mini backpacks, this season in colourways of Nubuck suede with fur top handles. The perfect accessory for the upcoming festival season, a day out or for any of your hands-free needs.

The Furla SS18 Capsule Collection


The Furla SS18 Capsule Collection

MyBag welcomes an exclusive capsule collection from Furla for SS18, inspired by the elegance and craftsmanship of Italy's world-famous Veneto region.

2018-03-29 08:11:30By Alex Neilson-Clark

By Alex Neilson-Clark

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