Are You A Christmas Grinch Or A Festive Elf? Take MyBag’s Christmas Day Quiz Now

Ah, Christmas day: a full 24 hours of cheer, champagne, and copious amounts of pigs-in-blankets. Here at MyBag HQ, we love Christmas – but not everyone else does…

Are you fed up of carols? Sick of stuffing, and so over the Home Alone re-runs on the TV? Or, are you wishing – like Wizzard – that it really could be Christmas every day? Take our quiz to find out what percentage grouchy Grinch or excitable elf you are – are you more Santa’s little helper or sourpuss?

Whether you’re filled with Christmas cheer (or just waiting for the whole charade to be over), we think December 25th is the perfect day for online shopping. Take a look at what’s new in here

Lily Shepherd

Lily Shepherd


Lover of statement accessories, scented candles, anything pink and a little bit of sparkle. A Southern girl in Manchester, when I’m not drooling over designer handbags I can be found fashion blogging, or exploring my new Northern home. My signature look? A nude lip and a very flamboyant pair of shoes.