What Your Starbucks Order Says About You

As we’ve often got a teetering mountain of white-and-green cups on our desks, it’s safe to say we’re addicted to the comforting coffee cuddle of a tall Starbucks latte. Coffee connoisseurs that we are, we’re (fairly) confident that we can tell all sorts about your life simply from your Starbucks order: take a peek below and see if we’re right…

Caffe Americano

Starbucks 3

You ask for a black coffee. “I think you mean an Americano,” the barista simpers back.

Americano drinkers are uncomplicated, fuss-free and like to get things done. We’re fairly sure your top three emojis are sassy (we’re thinking the crossed-arms-lady), and your wardrobe is predominantly made up of high-quality, monochrome pieces: if any colour makes its way into your look, it’ll be a slash of red lipstick for don’t-mess-with-me fierceness.

Some couture with your coffee?


Starbucks 5

Frothy milk + cocoa dusting = coffee perfection.

Your Instagram is #goals, and you’ve got more shoes than Carrie Bradshaw. Skinny jeans and heels is your staple everyday look, and your hair is that perfect swishy mermaid style that we lust over on Pinterest.

Some couture with your coffee?

White Chocolate Mocha

Starbucks 1

No whip: that would be unhealthy.

You don’t like coffee and love desserts, but your crazy-busy lifestyle means you need that kick of espresso in there. Your home is decorated top-to-toe in copper, your bedding is white, and there are decorative pineapples everywhere. You probably work in fashion or the arts, and have an adorable puppy that you take Snapchat selfies with (the ultimate dream).

Some couture with your coffee?


Chai Tea Latte

Starbucks 4

“Let’s just grab some chai on the way to yoga.”

We’d bet a large sum of money that you’ve got quinoa in your kitchen cupboard, and that you are the star student of your Pilates class. You woke up like this but look amazing (which is horribly unfair), and your Instagram is full of travel photos and inspirational yoga poses that make us insanely jealous.

Some couture with your coffee?


Pumpkin Spice Latte

Starbucks 2

The pumpkin spice latte is seasonal, but you’ve signed the petition to make it a year-round beverage.

It’s probably a crime to drink a pumpkin spice latte without wearing UGG boots, and yours are in pristine condition. Your wardrobe is like a wonderland of on-trend pieces – all thanks to your fashion blog, which has a zillion readers each month – and you’re a master of the flatlay. Your MacBook Pro has a marble case and there’s a collection of cacti in your living room, just waiting to be Instagrammed…

Some couture with your coffee?


Lily Shepherd

Lily Shepherd


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