It’s Gin and Tonic Day! Here’s 11 Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About Your Favourite Tipple

The Cosmo is so last year: right now, it’s all about the G&T. Our favourite highball cocktail – and a guaranteed safe bet in any bar – the gin and tonic is an undeniable classic that we can’t help but love. With today being International Gin and Tonic Day, in celebration, we’re here to give you a little cocktail education…

Rosemary Lemon Gin Fizz Alcoholic Cocktail with Ingredients

Gin features in more cocktails than any other spirit, and is not meant to be drunk on its own.

60 million cases of gin are sold every year, with nearly 50% of that to the Philippines. *The MyBag team moves to the Philippines*

Gin is made from juniper berries, which IS NOT A BERRY. In actual fact, it’s a pinecone. A pinecone with scales. Take a moment to digest that…


Refreshing drink with rosemary, lime and honey

Gin is also said to ‘taste like Christmas trees’. Yum.

The G&T was created in India to help fight malaria.

1721 was a fabulous year for the gin industry: Britain drank a whopping 3.5 million gallons of gin over twelve months.

London Dry Gin isn’t necessarily made in London – it just has to follow a style and taste guideline. Mind = blown.


mojito cocktail with splash, ice, green mint, cuted limes and drops on black slate stone background

The perfect ration of gin to tonic is apparently between 1:1 and 1:3 – depending on how strong you like your cocktails…

Gin is the perfect spirit for sweet and savoury flavours, pairing well with sage, thyme, olives and even chilli.

The most expensive bottle of gin comes in at £2000 a bottle, and only six bottles were ever produced. We’re okay with Bombay Sapphire, really…


Ingredients for cooking matcha mint ice tea

Heading out for a G&T with the girls this weekend? You’ll need a drop dead gorgeous clutch bag to go with your outfit…


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